About Us

Every legitimate service must be secured by a cornerstone foundation. Our Centurion Guard is founded in such a organization.

  Born out of a God lead call our Executive Director Sam Watkins and his wife Raigon have dedicated their entire adult life to military and ministerial service. Born in small town South Carolina, Sam entered the Army in 1997 and served nearly ten years before being medically retired due to cancer. After a call to full time vocational ministry in 2011 Sam, now a four-time cancer survivor and ordained minister established Victory Chapel Military Ministries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and launched Branches Church in 2015 which continues to grow and now serves as the launch pad for the Centurion Guard. You can learn more about Sam and Branches Church at www.branchesok.org.

“The Centurion Foundation is a 501(c) organization that enables our members to participate and distribute the many services we offer to US veterans.”