The Centurion Creed

We adhere to the Centurion Guard principles as told in the Holy Bible. 
And Those Determined by Our Centurion Foundation


  1. The Guard, a group of former and current service members collaborating to build healthy and fruitful lives for all members of our community regardless of combat experience or years in service. Our only requirements are proof of honorable discharge and a commitment to the standard of living life above reproach. For information on joining the Centurion Guard please call 405-388-5044
  2. The Foundation, a worldwide fundraising effort that sees not less than 85% of all donations reinvested into military communities. Characterized as an organization operating above reproach, we offer an open ledger accounting system to all of our donors. You can trust that we value your hard-earned money and use it to further only the mission you the donor invested in.
  3. The Centurion Center, military community centers that specialize in veteran benefits, active duty extended family programs, post-traumatic stress classes, life coaching, and community involvement initiatives to improve the quality of life in communities directly adjacent to the larges 275 military installations around the world.
  4. Advocacy, we foster relationships with local, state, and federal leaders who fight for our rights from county council to the halls of congress and beyond.
  5. Churches, knowing that we are a unique community with a tribal mindset we plant a church at each Centurion Center that welcomes all walks of life regardless of military service while still maintaining an environment geared to accommodate the extraordinary demands of military life.
  6. The Centurion Guard Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to educating our listeners on things like veteran’s home buying, suicide awareness, addiction, and many other issues specific to active service and post service life.

We support our past and presently serving US veterans. Our services are strategically planned for veterans and their families.
We stand ‘ON Call” when you need us.

(405) 388-5044